Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20, 2008 - Sylvia Hotel in Newport

We spent the night at the Sylvia Hotel in Newport. Since we arrived after dark the first two pictures were taken in the morning. We had to get shots of the outside of the this interesting hotel to keep it sharp in our memories. The hotel is situated right on the beach with the Yaquina Head Lighthouse just up the coast a short distance.

Sylvia Hotel is a booklovers hotel. There's no TV but lots of books in the 3rd floor library. Candleman and I went to bed at 10, but Mom stayed up reading by the warm fireplace.

We arrived at the hotel in time to have dinner. They serve dinner family style, meaning that everyone sits down at 7:00 and the food is served in bowls that are passed around the table. We had to call in advance and let them know our choice of 3 entrees.

Candleman had rack of lamb that he said was great and Mom and I had scallops and shrimp that was okay. We sat at a table with a couple from Beaverton, Oregon. The owners have us play a game where we tell two truths and one lie. The others can ask a few questions to help them figure out which is which.. We had a lot of fun. The dining are is called the Tables of Content. Clever and cute.

Mom stayed in the Shakespeare room that was decorated really cute. There was a sign above the sink that read, "Out Damn Spot." And in the bathroom another sign reading, "To Pee Or Not to Pee . . ."

Candleman and I stayed in the Herman Melville room. It was decorated as cute as the Shakespeare room, but it was still a fun room. The hotel is very old, but they are doing some fun things to fix it up and the book references all around the hotel added so much to the theme. It was a wonderful experience with only one draw back. Our room was on the 3rd floor (next to the library) and the dining room was down 3 flights. My knees were killing me that day and the climbing was especially bad.

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