Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 22, 2008 - Pittock Mansion in Portland

The Pittock Mansion is located on top of a hill (mountain) in Washington Park overlooking Portland. It was built by a newspaper tycoon for his young bride. We opted to not take the tour because Candleman and I did that on a previous trip, but in hindsight I wish we had. Mom would have enjoyed it and I know I would have enjoyed it a second time, too. They closed the tours at 5:00, but when we poked our heads in to see the foyer there was a nice lady that insisted we come in and see some of the main floor. That was a treat and very nice of her.

The grounds are large, beautiful and provide a sweeping view of Portland and Mt Hood. Actually, Candleman was able to identify four volcanic peaks and they told us on a clear day they could see five.

There was a little bitty gift store where I know we bought a few items. I often wish after I get home that I could remember where I bought certain momentos - it would sure be a good idea to write that down in the little notebook I take along. Or even a quick snapshot when we're paying for items would be helpful.

Later we drove around the Alphabet District where we ate a light dinner (before 5 when their prices skyrocketed shamelessly) at Papa Haydens. We all agreed that the food was nothing to rave about. They offer 23 different deserts, but just looking at them was enough. We opted to save dessert for Moonlight Chocolates, just up the street.

Both nights in Portland we stayed at the LaQuinta near the convention center.

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