Friday, October 24, 2008

Oct 24, 2008 - Geiser Grand Hotel

We spent the night at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City. This hotel has seen better days, but it was still fun to stay there and now I won't be wondering what it would be like. They really need to fix it up and make it the showplace it should be; maybe there's just not enough business.

We stayed in rooms on the 2nd floor that overlooked the dining room below and looked up at the pretty skylight.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the dining room in the morning - eggs benedict, eggs rockefeller and trout and eggs. Poor Candleman looks like he spent too long in the Saloon - what a ham!

I laughed at the sign printed on this hotel across the stree and a block away; the sign was were it could be seen from the Geiser Grand. I ask you, does that place look modern? It may have done in 1930 or 40 or whenever it was built compared to the 1889 Geiser Grand. Today it just

looks silly, but freshly painted. Hmmm, what's with that?

One last picture from Baker City. This house is across the side street from the hotel. So lovely, but I think the wood shutters in the top, front window are not attractive. Gee, I hope those people don't come to critique my house!

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