Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20, 2008 - Florence, Oregon

Our first stop on the Oregon coast was Florence. We took pictures of the Suislaw River Bridge then stopped in Old Town at one little shop. We thought this fingerpost was cute, showing the distance to other Florence cities of North America. Florence, Nova Scotia is the furthest at 3,717 miles.

There were two little shops close by, but we only went in one. We deserve big pats on the back from all those who know us. Mom bought two really cute children's books. In fact, Candleman took me back to show me this cute book he thought our grandkids would enjoy and it was gone - in Grandma's hands. I bought a little weiner dog Jim Shore ornament for Kristi. I don't remember if we bought anything else. If I could, I probably shouldn't disclose too much information.

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