Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oct 23, 2008 - Pioneer Courthouse Square

I was looking forward to our touring of downtown Portland, but things didn't pan out as planned. I think we were all a bit tired; at least I was and I didn't feel very well. We arrived at Pioneer Courthouse Square to major construction and noise.
I was happy to visit the Square again and look specifically for things I missed when we hurried through here on a previous trip.

I love the top picture, because when I was posing with the 'Allow Me' statue I didn't realize that Mom was sitting behind me getting such a kick out of my antics. Notice he's wearing one of my scarves - Candeman's doing.

The second picture is of one of the famous Benson Bubbler drinking fountains.

The third picture is of the left side of the fountain. Portland is known for its fountains - it has many.

Picture number four shows the ample seating area/stairs, currently occupied by a class outing.

The fifth picture is the fingerpost sign. Very cool.

The last picture is of the chess board artwork.

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