Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 22, 2008 - Tillamook Cheese Vistors Center

The three of us love a good gift shop and, believe me, this is a good one. And it's big, with so much variety and so many Jim Shore items! The first picture shows Mom and Candleman in the front gift store. We found a cute steer weiner dog for Kristi and a Santa ornament for Jen and John.

In the back area is another shop that features cheese, jams, Tillamook sourveners, pie filling, soup mixes, candy, etc. Did we ever find some wonderful things back here.

The last picture shows part of the dining area, the ice cream counter with just a little line, the back shop to the right, and the fudge counter even further right. Not shown in the picture is the food counter. Several years ago Katie and I ordered such a delicious hamburger, so all three of us ordered a hamburger based on my opinion. The hamburger was NOT very good this time.

This large area is crowded during the summer. We were glad that there were short or no lines. We had ice cream cones last night and they were so delicious we ordered another for the road. The black walnut was my favorite, but I also liked the Huckleberry Swirl.

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julie said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed some ice cream while you were at Tillamook! When I was there I tried the peanut butter chocolate fudge and loved it! So creamy with ribbons of fudge and peanut butter! Mmmmmm. Too bad the hamburgers weren't as good as the last time.