Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oct 21, 2008 - Cape Kiwanda

Thirteen miles north of the Hwy 18 junction with Hwy 101 is Cape Kiwanda. This was a beautiful beach which features the coast's 2nd Haystack Rock ( the other is in Cannon Beach). That person walking up the beach (top pic) is Candleman.

Unlike other capes on the coast, which have an igneous history (big chunky black rocks), Cape Kaiwanda is sedimentary in origin - more like our cliffs in Utah.

We sat on a huge log and watched the surfers for quite a while. One had a motorized board so he didn't have to paddle further out from shore after each run. You can't really see all the surfers in this picture, there must have been 8 -10, but you can see the pretty sandstone rock that is striking with the ocean waves.

I took my shoes off and enjoyed the feel of the sand in my bare toes.

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