Friday, October 24, 2008

Oct 24, 2008 - Mt Hood Scenic Drive

Can you believe this picture?! I was so worried that we would be driving through a snow storm on the day we drove around Mt. Hood. Au contraire, the weather was perfect.

We stopped in the small community of Sandy, Oregon to take pictures of this glorious scene. Can you even imagine living where you could look out and see this, or go out for a stroll and just turn your head and WOW! The scene to the other side is nothing to sneeze at either. When we were driving along the coast, both Mom and Candleman picked numerous houses or places they would live if they could drop everything and live a dream. Both would enjoy living right on the ocean. I would like to live close but not right there. When we got to Sandy I said that this is the type of place I'd like to live. They conceded if they couldn't live on the ocean they'd like to live here.

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