Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 22, 2008 - Seaside

It was interesting to note how one hotel/motel is connect to another by their parking lots. The blue awning in the background was a different hotel. This went on for most of the length of the beach.

I quickly snapped this picture from the car window as we drove down Seaside's main road on our way back to the hwy. I thought that doorway was so attractive.

Our original plans were to drive from Seaside to Portland on hwy 26, but since we didn't get to spend the quality time we had hoped to in Tillamook, we made a a change. We decided to drive the nearly 60 miles back to Tillamook and then drive to Portland on hwy 6. This way we would also be able to see some of the sights we missed driving in the dark last night.

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