Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20, 2008 - Misc. Moments

Driving into Springfield from the north after our jolly jaunt over the mountain owned by Weyerhaeuser to find two covered bridges, we stopped for a delicious lunch at Izzy's. In the parking lot we asked a lady what kind of tree we were seeing all over the place with red tips.
She didn't know but informed us that eventually the whole tree would be bright red before it lost its leaves. We saw lots of trees in various stages from green to totally red.

This lady told mom that she really liked her sweatshirt. She said you don't usually see 'chocolate angels' on things. She was chocolate herself. Quick-thinking and kind words followed from Candleman, "I'll bet their is no shortage of chocolate angels in heaven." She smiled big at that and so did we.

A cute building and interesting woodcarving in Florence.

I like this picture of a a cliff in Alsea and all the seagulls playing on the sand. I'm sure they are eating some little sand creatures.

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