Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 2008 - Adele to Lakeview

Earlier today we saw wild burros, which was surprisingly exciting. However, the real "moving" experience of the day was looking for this sign in Adele, OR. Why bother you might be asking yourself. Awhile ago a booklogger friend, SuziQ posted her own picture of this sign and said, "Bet you've never been here!" I had been there and was passing by this tiny town again soon. Today, in fact! So I had to get a picture. The sign faces the one store that serves as gas station, post office and probably home for several of the few citizens of this little community.

Mom's cough from yesterday grew even more persisitent. She suffered from laryngitis most of the day. Candleman felt improved, but he also had a horrible cough. We all took Cold MD - those two to get better and me to prevent a cold.

From Adele to Lakeview we drove along side a beautiful little stream. Oops! My journal reminds me that it's not a stream but the Camas River. The pictures don't do it justice or else after driving all day through Nevada this little stream looked like an oasis to us.

We asked the clerk at the Best Western Motel in Lakeview for restaurant recommendations. He suggested a Mexican restaurant just next door. We walked around the corner of the motel and took our first look at the restaurant. Whoa! I had huge doubts. No idea what Mom thought, but Candleman was not to be deterred. In we went and in rushed the 3rd, 4th and 5th doubts, although it smelled wonderful. It was the right place to eat. Candleman says it was THE BEST Mexican food he's ever eaten. He ordered Carne Asada, thin strips of steak. Mine was delicious, too. I had Arrozde Pollo (chicken and rice).The name of the restaurant is El Aguila Real. If you are ever in Lakeview, Oregon and if you love Mexican fool, then you really must eat here.

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