Monday, July 09, 2007

July 9 - Scugog

The first photo is of the farm that now stands on the original Scoville homestead. The next is of the land next to the cemetery which as you can see runs down to the lake shore.

Finally, a photo of Stephen and Rebecca Scoville's broken headstone.

It lists both of their names and their dates of death. He died 26 February 1869 (born in 1783). She died 28 February 1870 (born in 1782). You can't see the small inscription arching across the top of the stone but it reads, "Who bears my cross shall surely wear my crown."

I don't know if I can adequately express how I felt at discovering their final resting place and being able to walk on that sacred ground. I did the original research that tied them to my family history. I stood proxy for Stephen in the Temple when he was baptised, ordained to the Priesthood, endowed and sealed for time and all eternity to Rebecca and his posterity. Perhaps because of the spirit of Elijah as foretold in the book of Malachai, my heart has been turned to my fathers. I feel like theirs have also been turned to me. Ever since I learned of them I have longed for this day when I could touch the ground wherein they lie and walk upon the soil on which they toiled. The difficulty we had in locating the spot only enhanced the earnestness in which I sought the place. It seemed as though a miracle that we found it at all. Clue lead to clue, chance and opportunity lead to kind people and finally success!

I couldn't choke back the tears at the thought, that I should have this privilege and experience these feelings and touch this beautiful place.

I feel like the link that has been forged in my connection to these wonderful people has been strengthen and confirmed. I am theirs and they are mine, forever.

Here is a Google Earth image of the Scoville Family Cemetery.


ReveryWings said...

Thats pretty awesome Myke. Looks and sounds like you are having every bit of the great time I thought you would. Loving the blog and the photos... you both do good work in both the writing and the photography. Thanks for sharing it.

ydnewyak said...

Myke, I am in tears as I read this blog entry. I have followed the research you have done and I have copies of so many census records of these wonder Canadian/ Scots, our people. I've looked at maps and read of places and times of the past....making connections. Our ancestors are not just names to me either. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the pictures and your thoughts. I CAN imagine how you feel! We must talk when you return home!

Joan said...

I have been looking for my ancestors in S. Ontario. I was fascinated by your pictures. I know my ancestors lived in Scugog, but I'm not sure which branch went to Michigan. I can directly trace my ancestors from there. Joan Lawrence