Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 21 - Grand Falls

We started off the day with a visit to Cape Spear, which is the Eastern most spot in North America. There are two light houses up there and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic as well as St. Johns and the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill. While looking at the sea from Cape Spear I noticed several Humpback Whales horsing around in the sea. They were probably a mile off but it tried to get some photos of them breaching. I've posted a couple of the best shots. Not great, but then for the distance, not bad. You can see one breaching. The white side of the V is his long pectoral fin. The other side is, of course, his head.
We drove back into town and saw Water Street. Candleman bough himself a Bodhran from O'Brien's Music Store. O'Brien's claims to be the oldest store on the oldest street in the oldest city in America.
Next we drove up to Cabot Tower on Signal Hill and took some pictures including some of the city from that angle.
We then drove into Quidi Vidi Gut. A cute little place where the sea sneaks into a tiny bay. From there we drove by the Army Base now occupied by Canadian Forces and up to Torbay Road. Torbay road is now Yuppyville. McDonald's, strip malls, motels and gas stations for about three miles. We got on the TCH (Trans Canada Highway) from there and headed West.
On our way to Grand Falls we diverted our path to take in some scenery around Trinity Bay. What a beautiful place!


Kristi Weber said...

i love how colorful this town is and that it's right on the water.

Booklogged said...

Kristi, I think you would really enjoy St. John's. There's a lot of happening things going on.