Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 22 - Port aux Basques

We headed for Port aux Basques to spend the night. It's an early call to catch the ferry in the morning. Like most Newfoundland towns the houses are colorful and arranged on hillsides for neat panoramas.

We stopped by the meadow where we saw the Showy Lady Slippers last Tuesday and found that they have mostly faded away. We couldn't have had more perfect timing last week! They were in their prime.

We went to Cape Ray and the J. T. Cheesman Provincial Park in hopes of seeing a Piping Plover, no luck. The little town at Cape Ray is having their "Come Home Year" celebration. Every five years each town in the Province has their Come Home Year to draw everyone back for a reunion and celebration. Most of the houses in town were decorated with flags like are shown in the picture. Campers and trailers were everywhere as families and friends gather to celebrate their roots and get reacquainted. Neat tradition.

We spent some time by the sea and then checked in to our Hotel. The Caribou was just pulling into port as we arrived. We'll be leaving this wonderful place tomorrow. A little sad, but with much yet to see, do and look forward to.


Alyson said...

Those pictures of the waves, and booklogged in front of the waves, is that where you were when I was talking to you today. It's very beautiful. Glad you had a great time in Newfounland. Maybe you guys can join me on my trip up that way (and some unknown time in the future).

Candleman said...

Aly, that was where we were when I was talking to you. Beautiful spot, isn't it?

Kristi Weber said...

Mom you look beatiful in that green sweater with the yellow poking through.

Booklogged said...

Alyson, that comment from Candleman was really from me. I didn't sign dad off before making my comments.

Kristi, so thrilled to have you commenting. Thanks for the compliment. I needed to hear something nice today. So thanks again.