Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 5 - UP (Marquette to Bay City, MI

Michigan's Upper Pennisula is a very unique place. They seem to have a culture all their own. The trees struggle here. There's plenty of moisture, but the weather is harsh. They get an average snowfall of 15 feet each winter.

The folks are independent and say "eh," a lot.

We enjoyed looking around Manistique. Here is a photo of their lighthouse.

Another unique item in the UP is a food called Pasties. Meat, potatoes, rutabega, onions, carrots, all go inside a crust which is baked. Then gravy or butter are poured on top and you eat it. Some say it came here with the Finnish, others claim the Cornish miners brought it with them. We say it's tasty and are bringing home a recipe.

Booklogged had a blackberry/peach pie at the Pasty shop, it was delicious.


Jen said...

Hey, I remember that lighthouse. It was cool to be thinking of you guys in the UP today. Hope you had fun.

Booklogged said...

Jen, it's so fun to have you commenting on our blog. Home all is well at home. We thought of you and John often during this part of the trip. "Oh, this is the same road they drove on..." and such. John is right - Michigan is beautiful.

Framed said...

I've heard of pasties. I hope I'm invited when you try these at home.

hellomelissa said...

mmmmm...pasties! i LOVE them. my mom buys them, freezes them, and brings them to us in nc.