Sunday, July 22, 2007


Just a word about food. We alway try to find food that is indiginous to the local we are in. In keeping with that theme we've enjoyed some really neat and interesting stuff.

In Wisconsin we tried our first Fish Chowder. It was delicious! Better than Clam Chowder in my book. Since then we've had about a dozen variations on the Fish Chowder theme and found everything from lousy to fantastic in that regard. Look forward to our attemps at it when we get back home. We love it and hope to develop a great recipe of our own.

In Michgan we tried Pasties (mentioned before) these were brought to Michigan either by the Finish or the Cornish depeding on who you ask. Don't ask either when the other is present. Things could get nasty. Pasties are sort of a meat pie, but not cooked in a tin. Just rolled in the crust and baked. They're great!

In Montreal we had been advised to try Poutine. This a concoction made by filling a platter with home made french fries then adding cheese curds and covering it all with brown gravy. It was super comfort food, but pretty high on the calorie count.

In a little town called Knowlton, Quebec we tasted our first every Maple Syrup Pie. That was a treat!

Digby, Nova Scotia is famous for their scallops. They were fantastic there and everywhere else we've tried them. Large and tender and tasty, no matter how they make 'em.

In Cheticamp, which is part of Acadia, Booklogged had a beef and pork pie that was out of this world. What a wonderful crust it had.

Newfoundland has be full of culinary surprises. The first was called Mess. Mess is an expanded version of Poutine. It too starts with french fries but includes fried hamburger, stovetop stuffing, cheese, gravy and frankfurters and anything else that suits your fancy. A lumberjack meal for sure. Also, we've tried Cod Tongues which are delectible. The most fantastic fish and chips, are served here, though I was disappointed that they served them with a plastic packet of Kraft Tartar Sauce, which is lousy. This evening I had a Moose Stew that was simply wonderful.

Now for the piese d'resistance! Newfoundland is berry land. They have strawberries. We found a wild patch today and found those tiny little morsels very yummy. They have blueberries, partridge berries and our favorite - bakeapple berries. Bakeapples are in the raspberry family, grow wild, are hard to pick and sell for up to $80.00 per gallon. They're not on until the end of August but restraunts freeze them and serve them over cheese cake and we're here to tell you that absolutely nothing goes better on cheese cake than Bakeapple berries. It is a match made in heaven, absolutely ambrosia! We think this is the thing we'll miss most when we leave, for these berries are found no where else.

As you can tell we are enjoying eating our way across the country and by the look of my wasteline, I should be fasting my way back.


Alyson said...

A berry in the raspberry family has to be amazing!! I love most berries anyway, but raspberries are by far my favorite (at least of the berries I've tasted).

Sounds like the waistline is a small sacrafice for all this amazing food.

Booklogged said...

Aly, Dad's waistline was a small sacrifice, mine just keeps getting bigger and bigger. My goodness, you should have tasted the chocolate explosion we had for lunch yesterday. We liked it so well we went back to the same restaurant for supper. To save on calories we didn't eat supper - only the desert! Wise people, your parents.