Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 11 - Montreal - Joie De Vivre

We decided the only way we could really get the feel of Montreal was to hop on a tour bus. We were so well rewarded for that choice. Not knowing where we were going and the stress of fighting traffic would have made it impossible to see was the tour bus showed us in just a couple of hours.

Here are a few highlights! Montreal is truly a diverse and magnificent city!

We will barely scratch the surface and think we'd like to return and spend days wandering her beautiful streets.

It is so fun to hear French spoken everywhere we go. There are plenty of English speakers though and we haven't had any trouble getting along.


Stephanie said...

I have been to Montreal at least a dozen times (we have family up there) and LOVE it! It is a wonderful city. So glad you are enjoying yourselves!

Jen said...

I am not sure I would want to live in one of those apartments.

Alyson said...

Those apartments are probably the most interesting apartments I've seen. I was trying to decide if that's what they were, but I guess Jen thought so too. Looks like a great city. I hope to visit there someday.

Framed said...

I've read about those apartments. I understand there is a huge waiting list of people who want to live there. I think they look great. I like the one that doesn't have anyone above or below it.

ReveryWings said...

I like the first picture... the way the two structures compliment each others' shape but in such different styles.

The apartment that framed likes would give me a severe case of yjkydev not to mention the heating bills would be higher.