Friday, July 06, 2007

July 6, 2007 (Bay City to Hamilton, Ontario)

I got a good night’s sleep, but Candleman stayed up late working on our blog and then he always wakes up early so he’s a bit tired today. He went to get the oil changed on the car while I slept. I did wake before he returned and had time to post a review on a book which we listened to.

We stayed in Bay City last night and today are driving around the ‘green thumb’ of Michigan. Beautiful farm land dotted with lovely groves and forests of deciduous trees. There is the occasional sighting of Lake Huron. The temperature has been between 69 and 71 degrees. Right now I am sitting under the shade of a large maple tree and there’s a cool whisper of a breeze through the car windows. Myke is looking at gravestones in hopes of finding his ancestors graves. We had much luck earlier finding ancestor graves in Unionville, MI.

One of the delights of being in the East is how soft it makes your skin, hair, and fingernails. I wonder if they sell lotion back here. I’ll bet if we could see the demographics for hand lotion sales, Utah would be a contender for #1. Our fame would be expanded from merely being the Jello capital.

We almost drove ourselves too far today. I don’t know what I did when planning this day, but it ended up being far longer than we expected. Candleman was tired from too little sleep the night before. We were both ready for more of the car time. From Michigan’s thumb we had a bit of a wait trying to get across the border into Canada at Lake Huron, Michigan. When we got going, Candleman said he had seen a speed limit sign. I said that I just saw one and the speed was 70. He gave me this knowing look, which I interpreted to mean, “I know it’s slower and I know you’re just trying to encourage me to drive faster.” Come to find out that was what he was thinking at all. He told me I wasn’t believable, that it was probably more like 100. I said that if I had said 100 he would know I was lying. His reply was that I better be smarter in the future because we were in Canada now and it’s in kilometers now, not miles. Live and Learn, I say.

We ended the day in the very bizarre world surrounding the beautiful Niagara Falls. Truly a wonder to behold. We saw the fireworks at night and saw the colored light on the falls. Very lovely.


Alyson said...

You guys are going to end up seeing a lot of fireworks on your trip. Glad to hear from you Booklogged. Maybe Candleman should do some more grave searching to give you time to blog. :)

Things are going well here. Katie is still asleep, but she moved out onto the couch sometime in the middle of the night. I guess I'll have to go in my room to work on homework.

ReveryWings said...

Did you have time to even peeiun?