Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 3- Bismarck, ND to Hibbing, WI

We slept in a bit in a comfy bed in Bismarck. Ooo and the pillows at the Comfort Inn were soooo nice. They had a note that informed us that if we stole them they’d charge us $15.00 each for them. When Candleman went to check out he offered to buy a couple. They informed him that they aren’t for sale and begged him not to steal them. Alas and alack, we left them there.

North Dakota’s Capitol building is more like a grain elevator than a house of state. We took some photos anyway. We also visited the Old Governor’s Mansion and the Bismarck Temple before leaving town.


Alyson said...

Extremely comfy pillows for only $15.00!?! That is a steal! Maybe you should have asked them where they purchased the pillows. I need a couple new pillows.

Framed said...

The state capitol building isn't very imposing, is it? But then the temple seems a bit small and low with really small grounds. Was this one that the residents really fought having it built?

ReveryWings said...

Did anyone say ksttalg eh?