Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 14 - Lower Sackville

We got up excited about crossing the Bay of Fundy on the ferry. We had hoped to see whales. Candleman probably saw a Minke Whale but it was only a short glimpse. There were also a few dolphins some distance off as we were approaching Digby. Our disappointment at seeing little in the whale department was offset by the opportunity of spending the passage conversing with some wonderful people we chanced to meet. The were Ken and ? and we spend the whole three hours visiting with them. She and Booklogged are both teachers and avid readers. He started out on a farm in Nova Scotia much as I did in Star Valley, though he stayed, through his youth. Still in was interesting how much we had in common. Ken and I stood on the foredeck the whole time watching the sea and hearing stories about farming, harvesting scallops and working timber in Nova Scotia. Ken now works for the Canadian Department of Defense in Ottawa. He tells great stories and lots of them. For once Candleman was out talked.

We stopped for a lunch of scallops (Digby is famous for them) upon landing in Nova Scotia. The scallops were great and plentiful, but the rest of the food was pretty pathetic.

We drove across the island to Lunenburg. That was fun. We were on country roads and enjoyed seeing the woods and farms along the way. We stopped for gas in a little place called Barss Crossing. The people were so nice and folksy. We found some fresh picked strawberries to enjoy as we feasted on the scenery.

Lunenberg was beautiful. Lots of colorful houses all dolled up in paint and filigree. I’d like to be in the paint business in a town like this. They look like they have to paint their houses nearly every year! We had supper in Lunenberg and were once again disappointed in the bland, poorly prepared food. Lunenberg is near Oak Island, wherein lies the Money Pit. They’re working on making money on tourism at the pit but haven’t got it open yet. The treasure at the bottom, has never been reached. Look it up, it’s a very intriguing mystery.

We drove to Halifax to spend the night but found every hotel and motel in the city booked. They’re having the tall ships festival in the harbor. We saw one sailing on the bay. We ended up staying in Lower Sackville. I looked for the Bagginses, but uppity as they are, I guess they live in Upper Sackville.


Alyson said...

Sorry to hear the food hasn't been great...knowing that food is a major part of all of you two's travels. :) Have you slept in your tent yet, or have you always been able to find a hotel?

Candleman said...

We've not had to sleep in it yet. But we're a mite concerned about this coming Sunday night.

ReveryWings said...

mgrcrxjk Myke! You shoulda known by the name of the town where to find the lodging. Love you take on the uppities by the way. And will have to check into that money pit.

Meanwhile I've been meaning to share a couple of things with you.