Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 8, 2007

What a day! We are staying at the 85 Chestnut. That’s the name of a hotel that the University of Toronto purchased and now operates. Our room is set up as if it’s intended for two students – two double beds, two closets and two desks, so we think it acts a dormitory in the winter months. We have a breakfast voucher that allows us to eat in the cafeteria. Again, very much the college atmosphere. It’s been a fun experience.

We rode on an English-style double-decker bus for a tour of the city. We wanted to sit on the top, open deck because it offered a better view, so when it started raining we decided to stay put. At the end we looked like drown rats, so the rest of the day I was concerned about my straight hair. Our tour guide was very good – informed us and kept us laughing, too. After the tour we ducked into the Hard Rock Café to buy Candleman a new pin for his collection. Thankfully, it cost much less than the $17.50 pin from Hard Rock Niagara Falls. Everything was way overpriced in Niagara, but we expected it would be.
Back to Toronto. We went to the Eaton Center and looked in a couple of shops. The noise was comparable to the buzz of thousands of bees in a hive. At first I felt claustrophobic. Picture Christmas shopping in a Utah mall and you sort of get the feeling. At some point I tried to relax and enjoy the energy, but that didn’t last long. From the mall, we went to the Trinity Square Maze. Myke was very impressed and took several pictures. I think we can expect a maze in the backyard some time in the next little bit.

Then we drove around taking pictures of a couple of beautiful Catholic cathedrals and a few other buildings of interest. This is a picture of our new dream house. This evening was one of the best on our trip. Lotus Reads and her husband and beautiful daughter picked us up and took us to dinner at La Boujadi, a Moroccan restaurant. The flavors were so new to us, but absolutely delightful. The best part of the evening was visiting Lotus and her warm, courteous family. This is the first person I’ve met someone who I only know through blogging and it was so much fun. You know how sometimes you wonder what you will say? No problem! We could have talked nonstop for several more hours without a single lull. Candleman and I fell in love with these gracious people, who were so willing to answer our questions about lifestyle, religion, etc. And I thought it was neat that both our husband’s were more than willing to join us. Mr Lotus Reads is just about as amiable as Lotus herself. This evening will always be a highlight of our trip and I will always have a soft spot in my hear for Toronto because of Lotus and her family. Thank-you, dear Lotus. We cherish this memory.


Alyson said...

How fun to meet up with Lotus Reads. I'm glad it went wonderfully. Maybe someday Lotus will come to visit your family.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, booklogged!

Awww, now you're going to get me all misty-eyed! Thank you for the wonderful things you said about us...M and I were so absolutely thrilled to have met Mike and you. You both are wonderful friendly, happy and interesting. We were so honored you agreed to spend an evening with us. I agree, the conversation was great and I found myself wishing you both had more time in Toronto. Perhaps you will visit again?

Sorry I haven't sent you an e-mail yet...will do so tomorrow.

Love your travel blog...the combination of Mike's photographs and your commentary makes for absolutely compelling viewing.

"Talk" to you later and will keep visiting for updates.

*Love and hugs*