Monday, June 25, 2007

Plans for July 30

I need to do some research into the battle of Saratoga. I think we'll go to a museum there. We'd thought about skipping Albany, but the capitol building is so beautiful that we're going out of our way a bit to see it. We're excited to learn more about the Erie Canal so we'll do some sightseeing connected with that. After spending some time in Syracuse we'll stop in Skaneateles (#95) to see friends of my Mother's from when she and Dad lived in Guam. I don't even know these people, wasn't even born, but I think it's going to be a fun stop.

We'll be stopping in Auburn, Seneca Falls, Geneva and Canandaigua along the tops of the Finger Lakes. Candleman wants to find some gravesites in Canandaigua, then we'll head north to Palmyra(#98( for the night.

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