Saturday, June 23, 2007

Plans for July 23 - 25

We catch the ferry at 8 am and head back to Nova Scotia. From N. Sydney we'll drive up and around the John Cabot Trail, also known as the Gaelic Coast. We plan on spending the night in Cheticamp (#71) or Margaree (#72).

July 24 will take us to Baddeck (#73) where there is an Alexander Graham Bell museum. Then back to Truro (#59), up to Amherst (#73), across the Northhumberland Strait on the Confederation Bridge and into Prince Edward Island. I'm hoping we will have time in the evening to drive over to Summerside (#76) and catch the Piping College putting on their Highland Storm show. I think it's meant-to-be because they only do it on Tues. nights and we'll be there on Tues. night. What do you think? We have a Bed & Breakfast near Charlottetown for the 24th and 25th.

On the 25th, we'll visit Charlottetowns and Cavendish and some other neat places. That night will be a special treat - we're seeing Anne of Green Gables the Musical. I'm so excited.

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