Friday, June 01, 2007

The BIG Trip

Candleman is retiring at the end of June and he wants to take a month-long trip. He gets no arguments from me, although I'm a bit worried about the length of time away from home. Over the next few days I thought I would share our itinerary with anyone who is interested. Our main reason for doing this is we hope you will leave suggestions or warnings about places we are going.

We will be visiting some touristy sights, cemeteries, libraries, historical sights, museums, plays, firework displays,parks, famous houses, etc. As you can see we are open to all sorts of suggestions. If you know of an especially pretty area in a city, we'll consider going there. Always welcome are suggestions for places to eat and what's the best item on the menu. Our niece, Julie, has already told us that a 'must' for Montreal is poutine. And we've heard another must for Montreal is their bagels.

Please leave your suggestions. Thank-you.


Alyson said...

I'm excited about your new blog!! I love the picture at the top. I have to get ready for school right now, so I'll have to read the rest of the posts later. I bet you two are getting really excited!!

ReveryWings said...

Really looking forward to following your travels. Speaking of travels, are you back from the future, or is it still June 30th, 2007 where you are now. If you are still there please bring me back a copy of the current Wall Street Journal okay?

gdztydh! as they say in Newfieland

Booklogged said...

Aly, yea, it's tough to read all the posts in one sitting.

Reverywings, I had to fix the dates on all the posts to get them to show up in order of the trip. I can tell we're going to have a rough time talking to the Newfoundlanders.

Anonymous said...

Are you afraid you are going to die in the next several years and won't have a chance to take other trips?

JEsus, I'm exhausted just reading your intnery. You need to cut the trip down to about 1/4 its current size, or quadruple the time. You are doing nothing but run-run-run.