Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Candleman Has Retired

It's official! The Candleman no longer works for UPS! He departed Friday evenining with a solemn ceremony (pictured here). After 22 + years, leaving so many friends, customers and co-workers alike, was such sweet sorrow.

He was touched by the many many expressions of farewell and fond good-wishes.

Old UPSers never die the just get delivered. Hallelujah!

Do old UPSers wear boxers of briefs? Depends.

Thanks to a fire in Neola, The Candleman rode off into a spectacular sunset.


Joy said...

You didn't REALLY burn that hat, did you!?!

Congratulations, Candleman!!!

hellomelissa said...

great pics! i laughed out loud. congratulations!

Alyson said...

Yeah!! I hope your first day on the trip went well. I was hoping for a post about day one, but I guess I have to wait. Have fun!!!