Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Missoula aka Zoo Town

We had a front wheel bearing go out on us so we spent the morning getting that fixed.  Then in afternoon we drove around town enjoying this beautiful city and it's nearby canyons and mountains.  There was a lot of fun architecture and lots of friendly people.  We visited their year round Carousel and enjoyed watching the children ride the pretty horses round and round.  


St. Francis Xavier Church


Missoula Court House


View from a Park and Subdivision above town.


Wonderful bench we found.



Monday, September 26, 2016

St Francis Xavier Church in Missoula, Montana

The St. Francis Xavier Church in the Downtown district of Missoula, Montana has paintings well over 100 years old, which were done by a brother of the Society of Jesus, a kitchen helper, who painted them in his spare time.  His name was Father Diomedi. I really enjoyed his wonderful depictions of the life and teachings of Jesus. 










Dillon Montana

Cheya and I drove from Idaho Falls to Montana on Interstate 15.  We stopped for a break in Dillon, a pretty little railroad and college town.  Some of the architecture caught our eye.  Here are a few examples.

City Hall

They don't lay brick like the used to.

Wonderful old Library.  Too bad they were closed.  We'd have loved to see in interior.

A very attractive Catholic Church!

University of Western Montana

I think my Father served in Dillon on his Mission for a while.  I remember him often mentioning Miles City and Bozeman and I pretty sure Dillon was on the list as well.  Lovely old town!

Idaho Falls

This morning Cheya and I got off on our first road trip in years!  It has been too long!

We drove through Strawberry enjoying the colored leaves and new snow.  We then took a break in Heber.  The Wasatch is covered with Red.  I was glad it hadn't expired before Cheya got to see it.  Then we drove down through Coalville and Morgan to Ogden and up I-15 to McCammon, Idaho, where we fueled up and go a bit to eat.

Our next stop was Idaho Falls to look at the Falls, Temple and enjoy the River Parkway.


Such a lovely place.  I'd like to attend that temple one day.  My folks served there as Ordinance Workers for several years!  I love the beautiful mix of man made structure and nature.