Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Candleman Has Retired

It's official! The Candleman no longer works for UPS! He departed Friday evenining with a solemn ceremony (pictured here). After 22 + years, leaving so many friends, customers and co-workers alike, was such sweet sorrow.

He was touched by the many many expressions of farewell and fond good-wishes.

Old UPSers never die the just get delivered. Hallelujah!

Do old UPSers wear boxers of briefs? Depends.

Thanks to a fire in Neola, The Candleman rode off into a spectacular sunset.

Friday, June 29, 2007


In the Arctic the Inuit People use Inuksuit to stand as landmarks in a very landmark free land. These markers draw upon the wisdom of predecessors and the bounty of experience to make the most of life in a harsh unforgiving land.

Booklogged and I will not encounter such dangers as the Inuit do, but we do crave the guidiance of those who've gone before. You can see that Book has done her home work. Part of her great gift though, is that she is so open to new ideas and fresh suggestions. A journey with her is a priceless treasure and for me she stands as the ultimate Inukshuk to be counted on for safe passage and wondrous experiences wherever we roam.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

August 4 and 5 (HOME!) Ahhhhhhhh...

Visit some LDS church sights near Hamilton, in Liberty, and in Independence. Then the long trek home through flat Kansas. We hope to spend the night (August 4) in Goodland(#124). We're back in familiar territory. It'll just be a long, long tip home on the 5th. It will feel so good to be home after this long of a trip. What memories we will have.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Plans for August 3

Chicago to Nauvoo(#135) to see the new LDS Temple. Then down to Hanibal(#137) of Mark Twain fame. Across Missouri to Hamilton where we will spend the night.

Plans for July 31 (if we're not dead by then)

After seeing some sites in Palmyra we may or may not go to Niagra Falls on the American side. It depends on our experience on the Canadian side. So we'll either go to Niagra or just head west along the southern edge of Lake Erie. We have a couple of lighthouses we'd like to see. Planning to visit Kirtland (#14), Lakeview Cemetery (this time for me). I've seen pictures and it looks awesome, plus there are some famous people's monuments there. We'll stay the night in Cleveland or maybe, a bit beyond.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plans for August 1 and 2

/The drive is from Cleveland to Chicago. There's a few lighthouses along the way we'd like to see. Up to Detroit (maybe), then over to Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo. Spend two nights in Chicago.

Aug. 2 we'll do sightseeing in Chicago.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Plans for July 30

I need to do some research into the battle of Saratoga. I think we'll go to a museum there. We'd thought about skipping Albany, but the capitol building is so beautiful that we're going out of our way a bit to see it. We're excited to learn more about the Erie Canal so we'll do some sightseeing connected with that. After spending some time in Syracuse we'll stop in Skaneateles (#95) to see friends of my Mother's from when she and Dad lived in Guam. I don't even know these people, wasn't even born, but I think it's going to be a fun stop.

We'll be stopping in Auburn, Seneca Falls, Geneva and Canandaigua along the tops of the Finger Lakes. Candleman wants to find some gravesites in Canandaigua, then we'll head north to Palmyra(#98( for the night.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Plans for July 29

We will actually criss-cross out path today. Leave Quebec City, drive back to Montreal then head south to Champlain, NY (#86). I think I'm going to miss Canada. BUT there is still some beautiful driving ahead. We drive back into Vermont (2nd time in Vermont this trip) and will drive down the islands of Lake Champlain. We plan on stopping at Fort Ticonderoga then spending the night in Bolton Landing on the side of Lake George in New York.

Plans for July 27 and 28

Ride the ferry from Rimouski to Forestville (#83). Another great opportunity to see whales. The drive south to Tadoussac (#84), along the St. Lawrence should be beautiful. Tadoussac is down river from the blueberry capital of the world. I would like to ride a tour boat up the Saguenay River - it's supposed to be a beautiful fjorde. Then on to Quebec with some interesting buildings, churches and fruit stands along the way. Somewhere I read about fat strawberries topped with fresh cream and maple syrup from roadside stands in this area. Sounds worth a taste. Spend this night and the next in Quebec City.

The 28th we'll spend mostly in old town Quebec City. I'm reading Willa Cather's Shadow on the Rock that takes place in Quebec City and I have a map of the places that are mentioned. Won't Candleman love me?!

That night will offer another highlight of the trip. We have tickets for the International Fireworks Competition. That night China will be presenting. There are five countries (Spain, China, Argentina, Canada and one other) that are competing over a two week period. The backdrop for the fireworks is the magnificent Montmorency Falls.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Plans for July 26

Leave Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and drive up the coast of New Brunswick, which is known as the Acadian Coast. Try oysters at Bouctouche, because they supposedly have the best oysters. We'll continue north to Matane (#81) where we will try shrimp poutine (maybe) at Le Mini Restaurant. Then down to Metis Beach where we'll drive by summer villas of some rich people. Stay the night in Rimouski.

Plans for July 23 - 25

We catch the ferry at 8 am and head back to Nova Scotia. From N. Sydney we'll drive up and around the John Cabot Trail, also known as the Gaelic Coast. We plan on spending the night in Cheticamp (#71) or Margaree (#72).

July 24 will take us to Baddeck (#73) where there is an Alexander Graham Bell museum. Then back to Truro (#59), up to Amherst (#73), across the Northhumberland Strait on the Confederation Bridge and into Prince Edward Island. I'm hoping we will have time in the evening to drive over to Summerside (#76) and catch the Piping College putting on their Highland Storm show. I think it's meant-to-be because they only do it on Tues. nights and we'll be there on Tues. night. What do you think? We have a Bed & Breakfast near Charlottetown for the 24th and 25th.

On the 25th, we'll visit Charlottetowns and Cavendish and some other neat places. That night will be a special treat - we're seeing Anne of Green Gables the Musical. I'm so excited.

Plans for July 17 - 22

Six days in Newfoundland - are we crazy?! The ferry ride from N. Sydney last 5.5 - 7.5 hours, depending on how many times the ferry has to turn its engines off for whales and other wildlife. Once in Newfoundland we'll stop awhile at Cheeseman Park, one of two nesting sites for the endangered Piping Plover. Candleman is a birdwatcher and seeing these will be a feather in his cap. We'll spend the night in Gros Mornes National Park (#63) on the 17th.

On the 18th we drive 5 hours to the Viking Village in St. Anthony's (#64). This is also a great place to watch whales and big chunks of icebergs.

The 19th will be a long driving day - from St. Anthony's to Grand Falls or Gander (#65).

On the 20th we'll finish the drive to St. John's (#66). We'll do some sight seeing and drive up Torbay Rd where I used to live when I was 3-5 years old. Saturday we will drive down to Witless Bay and take a tour boat out to see whales and hopefully, puffins. Ninety-five percent of the puffin population nests in July in and around Newfoundland. Witless Bay has many; I just hope we get some really, really good sightings of them.

Saturday afternoon we will drive back to Grand Falls (an hour past #67) and spend the night. Sunday, July 22, we will attend church in Grand Falls Branch then drive to Channel-Port aux Basques (#62,68) to spend the night.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Plans for July 15 and 16

Drive from Lunenburg to one of the Halifax wards for church at 10 am. We'll spend the day and that night in Halifax.

On the 16th we'll drive to Truro, where if we're doubly lucky we will see the high tide come into the Bay of Fundy again. We're hoping to see a tidal bore. From Truro we'll head Northeast to the town of Iona (#60) where there's a little Scottish village. We'll spend the night in N. Sydney (#61).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plans for July 14

We'll ride the ferry across the Bay of Fundy - hoping to see whales as they like the Bay because of the high nutrient level. Lunch in Digby where the largest scallops in the world are caught. We'll drive around the western tip of Nova Scotia and head for Lunenburg to spend the night.
All the yellow dots on the map indicate lighthouses. No, we are not planning on seeing them all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Plans for July 13

It will be Candleman's birthday - Friday the 13th! We will drive to St. John, New Brunswick and spend the day seeing and learning about the Bay of Fundy. We're hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that we will be at the Hopewell Rocks (#47 on map) when the high tide comes in. We'll spend the night in St. John.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Plans for July 12

We leave Montreal and head for Sutton, Canada and Richford, Vermont where some of Candleman's ancestors used to live. He was to get a flavor of the place. Me, too. We planning on stopping in St Johnsbury, VT and checking out a wonderful library. Then it's about a six hour drive to Calais, Maine where we'd like to spend the night. We may decide to stop earlier, we'll see.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Plans for July 10 and 11

In the morning watch the changing of the guards in Ottawa, then travel 2 hours to Montreal. In Montreal we will eat Poutine for the first time.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Plans for July 9

Leave Toronto. Stop at cemetery near Scugog Lake looking for Candleman ancestor graves. Next stop Kingston, then drive along St. Lawrence and look over at Thousand Islands, hopefully catch site of Bolt Castle. Destination for the day is Ottawa.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Plans for July 7 and 8

Drive to Niagra Falls on the Canadian side. Spend hours there. Drive to Toronto to spend the night. On the way to Toronto we'll see the Mississauga Lighthouse and the Toronto LDS temple.

July 8 we'll be hanging out in Toronto.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The First Few Days

A left click on the picture will show it enlarged.We will start our trip by leaving Utah and traveling through Wyoming. The only thing we have planned to see is Devil's Tower. The second day will take us across the corner of Montana, into and across North Dakota. If you have any suggestions of places to see, geocaches, good eating places, etc. we would love the tips.
Then we travel across Minnesota and Wisconsin. We'll be in Ashland, WI for the 4th of July. The next day we travel across northern Michigan, across the Macinac Bridge and will be staying somewhere near Indian River, MI.
The next day we travel south through Michigan. From Bay City we drive around Michigan's thumb to view cemeteries were Candleman's ancestors are buried. Then it's into Canada - Stratford, Wellesley and Kitchner. We'll be spending the night in Hamilton. The next day will include Niagra Falls and then up to Toronto to spend a few days.

Please leave us any suggestions you might have. We'd really appreciate your help.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The BIG Trip

Candleman is retiring at the end of June and he wants to take a month-long trip. He gets no arguments from me, although I'm a bit worried about the length of time away from home. Over the next few days I thought I would share our itinerary with anyone who is interested. Our main reason for doing this is we hope you will leave suggestions or warnings about places we are going.

We will be visiting some touristy sights, cemeteries, libraries, historical sights, museums, plays, firework displays,parks, famous houses, etc. As you can see we are open to all sorts of suggestions. If you know of an especially pretty area in a city, we'll consider going there. Always welcome are suggestions for places to eat and what's the best item on the menu. Our niece, Julie, has already told us that a 'must' for Montreal is poutine. And we've heard another must for Montreal is their bagels.

Please leave your suggestions. Thank-you.